Men's Line
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H\E® Dry Sunscreen - SPF 20
Bronzer, camouflage and SPF in one
• Mineral sunscreen for men - SPF 20
• Discrete coverage for blotchiness, redness and rosacea
• Gentle on sensitive skin
• Washes off easily without soap
• Bronzer .1 is the lightest shade
• Bronzer .2 is a shade for lighter skin tones
• Bronzer .3 is a shade for medium skin tones
• Bronzer .4 is a shade for darker skin tones
• Bronzer .5 is the darkest shade
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H\E Facial Brush
The brush for H\E Dry Sunscreen.
• Masculine brush
• Specifically designed for H\E Dry Sunscreen
• Sculpted for a man's hand
• Soft bristles deliver complete coverage
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H\E® Lip Balm - 15 SPF
Relieves and protects dry, chapped lips with a zesty lemon scent.
• Optimal SPF 15 protection
• No chemical sunscreens - just zinc oxide
• The perfect partner to H\E Dry Sunscreen
• Moisturizes lips on contact
• Soothes and protects in one step
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H\E® Wash Glove™
Removes H\E Dry Sunscreen without a trace.
• Simple masculine design
• Blue denim cloth
• Works hard so you don't have to
• Just add water - no soap needed
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H\E Minerals Kit
The perfect introduction to H\E.
• Includes H\E Lip Balm, H\E Facial Brush and H\E Wash Glove
• Masculine navy travel bag with magnetic clasps
• Add your shade of H\E Dry Sunscreen for complete coverage
• Great for travel