ZO Acne Solution

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Acne Prevention and Treatment Program
Acne may be attributed to genetics or hormonal imbalance. Contributing factors, or acne triggers, include lifestyle choices, such as diet, sleep pattern, hygiene, or stress. When skin does not exfoliate as it should, dead cells build up on the skin surface and inside the pore. Dead cells mix with trapped oil and then pores become clogged, resulting in blackheads and whiteheads. Some forms of acne require medical treatment, oral medication or procedures. Recommendations for acne skin care are based upon the severity of acne, presence of discoloration, age of patient, and probability of scarring with acne.
  • Offects® Exfoliating Cleanser (150 mL / 5 Fl. Oz.)
  • Offects® Exfoliating Polish (Net Wt. 65 g / 2.3 Oz.)
  • Offects® TE-Pads Acne Pore Treatment (60 Pads / 75 mL, 2.5 Fl. Oz.)